Cthulhu Rising

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Aleister Lam

The Necronomicon which originally known as Al Azif was translated into the Book of the Dead by the Rhode Island writer H P Lovecraft. Al Azif is the word used by the Arabs to designate the nocturnal sounds in the desert, supposedly to be the howling of demons but is in actual fact the sounds of insects. The original Necronomicon was composed by Abdul Alhazred, an eccentric and at times insane poet of Sanaa, in Yemen. Alhazred traveled widely and was knowledgeable in occult secrets and is said that he journeyed to Egypt which was at that time viewed in the interests of magical matters superior and contain invaluable source of information since the times of Moses. This is probably why the monstrous names which is present in Lovecraft’s Necronomicon have elements of Egyptian origin such as Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Nyarlathotep. The Necronomicon tells of the Great Old Ones, who arrived on the primal earth Aeons ago before the dinosaur ever appeared, not to mentioned men’s existence. They dwelled in the deepest and darkest corners of the ocean depth and build the City of R’lyeh. When land appeared along with the birth of humankind the Great Cthulhu and the Old Ones rise from the ocean to build cities at the poles and raise immense temples to those cursed by the Gods. Their ghoulish spawns wreck havoc on earth and tempted the humans to commit sins beyond that of redemption. It is then that the Gods send the Celestial Guardians and fought the most devastating battle that ever descended upon earth. The Old Ones were defeated and bounded by potent spells that ironically sealed them within the City of R’lyeh, it is there that they were exiled into the chaotic void of another dimension till the end of the Aeons. Also written within the Necronomicon are incantations that are able to open up a gateway that could awaken the slumbering God known as the Great Cthulhu. He is a giant of vaguely anthropoid outline with a pulpy, tentacled face and a octopus-like head; atop a grotesque, greenish and slimy body sprouting a pair of rudimentary wings. In this picture, I'm trying to illustrate that moment when Cthulhu rises from the subsiding whirlpool which is the portal into another dimension, as he awakens to claim his supremacy over the punitive human race.

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