Father of Dragons

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Glaurung was the first of Melkor's mighty Dragons, and possibly the greatest. He first crawled from the depths of Angband in 265, but the Noldor drove him back, as he was not fully grown. In the 'Dagor Bragollach' and the 'Nirnaeth Arnoediad', Glaurung was a crucial part of Morgoth's forces, and having grown to his full power he wrought horrific destruction on the battlefield. Glaurung led the assault upon Nargothrond, and there came across Túrin Turambar for the first time. Túrin raised his sword, but Glaurung's gazse paralysed him in a trance. Túrin could only look on helplessly as his elven friends, including his dear friend Finduilas, were led past him. Not even her cries could break the terrible spell of Glaurung. Glaurung dwelt in the ruined halls of Finrod Felagund for a while, but came forth at last to seek Túrin. He was slain by Túrin's black sword Gurthang in the Forest of Brethil, though Túrin himself proved the last victim of this monstrous creature when he took his own life thanks to the poisoned words of the Great Worm.

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