I am Alexandra Dvinitninova, I  was born on the 15th of February 1965, in St. Petersburg, Russia.   At the age of 9, my father, himself a very accomplished artist, started my artistic education.  All my knowledge about art was passed on to me from my father.  But is it indisputable, that my artistic talent, inherited from my father, is a natural talent that is very rare.  So I was told. My compositions are based on my surroundings of landscape and fantasy.  I am  well read in history and literature, and has composed drawings for such books as Tristan and Isolda and some erotic compositions for Cleopatra  and  Jeanne D’Arc! Also my talent for illustrating children’s books are in great demand.  Lately, my artistic style of composition have been greatly influenced by the famous Australian erotic artist, Norman Lindsay.