Elemental Thanes III - Toxin

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Name: High Thane JatchuaClan: M'radiElement: Toxin (Physiology-altering substances) Level: Second Circle, Manifest Element (Taste)The third in a series of eight Baruuk High Thanes; feel free to read the text below to find out more. She is poisonous, hence the coloration is loosely based on the Poison Dart Frogs of the Amazon, but there's more to it that that. All the Thanes control every aspect of their element, and this lady is more accurately a master of body physiology altering substances than Toxin per se...it was just that the word Toxin rolls off the tongue much more easily. She not only creates the most deadly poisons, but also the most miraculous medicines. I made it a point to not have any "evil" or dark elements, I tried to make them all natural and neutral. As an artistic note, I love how the colors turned out.The Baruuk are a race from my Meridia worldscape distantly related to dragons, whose Clan are each led by their lone female, the High Thane. Each of the eight Baruuk Clans has an affinity for one of eight elements, mastered by their High Thane.  This worldscape has an elemental wheel of thirteen elements, arranged in four concentric Circles. The First Circle contains the Physcial Elements, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, which are used by human elemental mages. The Baruuk are attuned to elements of the Second and Third Circles: the Manifest Elements, which correspond to the five senses: Condition, Sound, Toxin, Light, and Entropy; and the three Fundamental Elements: Energy, Force, and Void.Note for the Curious: For those of you who enjoy metaphysics, the Fourth Circle is the center of the Elemental Wheel, and is simply called "The Eternal Element." It is considered to be the divine element (ka, chi, soul, mana, life force, whatever your preference) that is present in all things and holds reality together.

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