Alex Pass

I'm 24, live in Dundee, Scotland and work for a games company that specialises in learning development. Most of the time my artwork is in pencil or computer generated art using Adobe Photoshop (using a mouse not a graphics tablet). However I like to try various media and sometimes work with charcoal, pastel, ink, and very occasionally with paint. I also like to make sculpture when I have the opportunity. I love the fantasy genre, especially it's characters. My interests include drawing (duh), playing and designing videogames, making fancy dress costumes, watching 80's cartoons, html and flash programming and annoying my friends. 15th July 2006 - Again, a long time since my last update. Still not much time for drawing :-(  I have some more stuff in progress though so hopefully i won't be too long before the next one. Here are some links to other Elfwood Artists that I consider friends and/or admire and deserve more comments so go visit! Tamsin Isles Katja Alakotila Yvonne Marie Honeyball Aileen Pettigrew Sarah Anne Revie Mikaela S. Boley Mitchell Anderson Jonathan R. Brünner Pavel Pinjin Allison L. Amis Ana Magalhaes William J. Murray Mark Goldfine Mike Burley Miklos Denlar Karl Lines John Nguyen Norma Peters Jonas Bjorn Bradley Hicks Jeanette 'Li' Vincent Chris Harveaux Eva Maria Schlehahn