xxD well hellooooooooo :D  UPDATE: I'm not on here very often anymore, due to working my ass off all the time, at work and on various project - i'm currently working on a graphic novel! which is the reason why not much uploading has been done. My professional page (link further down!)will have previews and over stuffs. But elfwood is still my fave, has lots of fond memories attached to it for me!! So I'm not deleting, though I have downsized my page a hell of a lot.... All my my work is copyright to me, Check out my professional page: or facebook me : check out Hannah Lee Scott, Sasanki Tennakoon & Amy Williams. Remember, Cookies need love like everything else. ^-^vAlex I like drawing, painting, etching, other printmaking, travelling and exploring, walking, growing plants and edible stuff!, foraging food from the WILD, making beer and wine from anything that grows and is free and not poisonous, writing, reading, talking, saturday nights eating cheese with good wine Favourite movies Movies: Reign of fire, lord of the rings (might as well get that one out of the way...),district 9, Repo! the genetic opera, children of men, dragonheart 1&2 - they're cheesey but i love em!...many many more. Tv, the one and only farscape! Favourite books Sooooo many as i read all the time, but a few faves: Cecilla Dart Thorntons Crowthistle chronicles - the most beautiful fantasy series of all time?... Robin Hobbs Farseer series & the Golden Fool series - the latter series did make me cry like a baby many times, Lord of the Rings (of course <3), Ian irvines view through the mirror series - his follow ups set in the future from thjose are good, but a little to grimy and depressing for me to class as faves...but still good!, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, both by Alan Moore, the Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester, everything Phillip K Dick ever wrote....the list goes on! Favourite music oh, far too much to list! but i love anything of any genre that is good and has that spark!!!