Angel Kiss

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Alex Procter

well this picture is toward the end of a story i think its sad. Basically, in this random world i thought up wen i was bored one night, its furturistic. Within it, are vampire like peoples, who now live in the caves of a mountain range near a big city, and the winged folk, who called themselves angels, but WERENT ACUALLY the religous type whoooshish angels. but the name stuk, so that now what everyone knows them as. a long time ago, the angels and vamps used to fight, but for a long time there was an uneasy peace. Bascially, the vampire lady in this image was different from the others, they were a very violent and selfish people *think drowlike in attitude but meaner*, but she didnt like it. One night she found the angel woman unconcious on the side of the mountain. She nursed her bak 2 health, and after lotsa mistrust started to like her, and finally fell for her, and they began, what she believed to be, a perfect, loving, passionate relationship. the angel revealed she was an outcast, and got seperated from her group of outcasts. she sed when she was well enough, she would have to go bak to them or she would weaken and die. On the day the angel was well enough to leave, the vampire She broke down, cried and beged for her to stay, but the angel had to go, or she would die. the vampire told her where the entrance to the vampire warren was, and begged her to come back some day .ARGH!! HOWEVER. as they share their last kiss, shown here in this drawing, the evilness kicks in!! the angel is not an outcast, she is a spy, and as she kisses the vampire goodbye, she is casting the summoning spell to call her kindred to her. Now that she has secured the location of the vampire home from the vampire girl, the angels can strike against them as they have been planning for so long. AND THE POOR LITTLE VAMPY DOESNT HAVE A CLUE!! ive not fort up and ending yet, i dont kno what happens, mayb it'll just finsh there!! hu knows. but it makes me sad. lol sorry about the long, crap description, its hard to sum it up:S!! the scanner lost a lot of the detail, which is unfortunate. anyway enjoy.

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