Taylor Bryan

Diagnostic(s) Accessibility Concourse Check and Statistical Update :- Cranial lithography_100%- Aperture Ajar_55% over 45|Nominal dirivitaves circuiting towards throttle valves- EXCESS = Hull #909- Stratospherical Alternatives_Functioning within temperamental parameters...  *Accessing zipped frigate-files*  *Harmonizing and downloading* *Installing Systemary Youthifications*  *Check Successful* - Assault Preperations_110% ~ 180-360 degree rotary launcher mounting single arm-R00966- Requisitional Defenses_Overloaded...  _Unification Process Initializing_  *Approaching Blacklist Files* *Opening Files 4-16.  Contains both blueprints_Rosenthal_& Ballistic Mechanisms_Schematics 4.2*- Operation Complete- Lobotomy Successful~Documenting Surreptition.~  --Algarythmatic Circuitry Incompatible with Boarding Protocols--  *Ice-Breaking Emergency Override Menu*  *Displaying Options Chronologically*- Torso Perserverance--Body Weight--Ingotial Durability--Erasing Capabilities_Minimal-Mode *Processing Eraser Weaponry into Magonomy Drive*  *Relaying Repair and Autotune Options*- Dyno Testing Selected   _Layering Biotechnological CiMatrix inside Aperture_ -Umbilical Stabilizers Disconnecting from Ithernal Harmonizers-*Hatching Thrusters*  |180%|{Docking Memory Passes in Cranial Activity}  //////EMERGENCY////////////////CAUTION//////_Base Override Menu_Force-Access_Loading Blacklist...*System Shutdown*

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