Hi! I´m Alexandra (Alex)  Wenk from former capital city Bonn in Germany and I´m quite happy that I have been told about this great side by a friend. Unfortunately I was not so successfull in having a job that has something to do with arts like many others. So I hope that I can show you some of my work I´m enjoying to do in my spare freetime on this side instead. I am drawing since I am able to hold a pencil in my hand, I drawed in school everytime from beginning to finishing and my greatest fear is to brake or to loose my left hand. ;O) I am an American comic reader also for more than 14 years and I can´t deny that there are some interesting personalities to find now and then to get some new ideas. By the way, I hate to draw the same picture twice. This is so boring! I gave up hoping to earn some money with my talent in the future...there are so many more talented artists like myself...I can only always try to keep my own and individual style and to enjoy it. Oh, and I love drawing wrinkled fabrics and everything that´s flowing harmonious...and always forget to draw backgrounds on purpose...hope you like my creatures...   I like Black Metal, The Fourth Dimension, Pestilence, WWII, Comix, Cars