V.K Alfieri

I write stories and poems, these are some of them. I had more here, but they were unfinished and kinda rubbishy. Please leave constructive criticism if you have to leave any criticism, please explain what is wrong grammatically if you have to point out grammar errors. Otherwise, please enjoy your stay and leave me some feedback. Please note: Most of this is raw writing. Shunned! is still in first draft edition. They've been posted here for feedback on story, please if you have any grammatical errors to point out do so, but know that this is still the first draft, so I'm mainly just after more general feedback on story; but if you notice any glaring grammar or structure errors feel free to point them out. Blurb for Shunned: Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret? What if you had to keep the greatest secret of all? Could you? Joe is a Secret Keeper, or Keeper for short; or at least he used to be, before he got fired. Now he’s been shunned by every elf, dwarf, giant and basically every magical race around. He couldn’t be any more shunned. And then he meets Steve. Steve is an underling’s underling, one step away from shunned; Steve tells Joe there’s a way back into the system; but he’s gonna need a few things first. The first thing is a perfect strand of unbroken hair from the back of a bridge troll. The second is a tooth from the golden fairies of Faelen. As if that’s not enough to ask for, Steve also need a goblin’s wart, a dragon’s fiery snort; and in case Joe’s still alive after all of that, he also needs to find a copper cauldron cooled by the frosty winds on Craven’s Crest. If Joe can bring Steve all of this, then, maybe there’s a chance Steve’s sorceress friend Tammatha can restore his honour; but first he has to survive.

Shunned! - Chapters 5 & 6

even more Shunned

Shunned! - Chapters 2 - 4

more shunned...

Shunned! - Chapter one: Summoned.

This is the story of Joe Nobody, Secret Keeper, Keeper for short. He is an agent who works to ensure that the world of magic stays hidden from the everyday world, until he accidentally spills everything he knows.

Dragon Song - Poem

A poem 'bout a dragon

Strange Brew - Poem

A witch is mixing a potion with odd ingredients, but then again what potion doesn't have odd ingredients?

The Gentle Bard - Poem

Remember the bard from oh brave knight he? Well this is one of his tales...

The Baby Swamp Dragon - Poem

A poem written for the march woodworks comp 'BABES OF ELFWOOD' or something like that, it's a poem about swamp dragon, as the title suggests....

The Sword Made of Bone

This is a parody (of sorts) of the Sword In the Stone. Starring Sir Trevor, Brave Knight of The Square Bar Stool, 'The Mighty and Brave Knight Who Done Great Deeds And Stuff...'

Dragon Flame - Poem

This is a poem i wrote using Danielle Fonseca's Initials. Its about a dragon

Retirement - poem

a poem about someone who has experienced everything and is ready to retire and does so in his own way.

Oh! The Creatures You'll See! - Poem

This is another tribute to the excellent children's poet and author, Dr. Seuss, aka Theodore Seuss Leosig. It is based on his poem/picture book Oh! The Places You'll Go! And as closely as possible follows the rhythm and rhymes of it. If you compare the two you'll find it's very close to the original's rhyme and rhythm. Enjoy! *a snoo is a creature i made up for the purposes of the poem, much like a mouse, but blue and with a shorter ears, it sneezes a lot, because of its proximity to the dusty ground, to which it is ironically allergic.

A Plethora Of Fantasy - Poem

my newest poem which is an homage to the great Dr. Seuss' Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog? using fantasy creatures.

Death's Game - Poem

This is a poem i wrote ages ago, it's just another one about battle, but in this one death is watching and waiting for the battle to end so he can claim the dead.

The Warrior - Poem

Another poem about a woman kickin butt, basically cause i can.

The Long and the Short of It - Poem

Just a silly little fun poem i wrote before getting stuck back into my story...it actually helped me write more of my story believe it or not....

Earth Number Two - Poem

This is a poem i wrote a while ago, on a whim, i'll let you read it now...

Embroidered Memories - Poem

A poem i wrote using the initials of a friend as the first letters of the two word title. That person was Emily McDurman, a fellow elfwood writer whom most of you probably know of. This is the resulting poem, about an elven knight whose time has come to pass from this world into the next