´Disco´ Alfieri

My Name is Victor Alfieri. Here's some stories I wrote a while ago, and some that are brand new. The newest ones are: Tarneg's Dragon and Super Zero. Welcome to my place. Here in the wood. Sit a while. It’ll do you good. Welcome kind traveler. Have a read while you stay. Kick your feet up, relax. Have a wonderful day. This is my tree house, out in the wood. I’m hoping you’ll come here and find something good. There’s poems and stories, adventures abound! Read on my good friend, there’s fun to be found!

Super Zero

This is the story of a boy born without super powers. This wouldn't normally matter, except everyone is born with super powers since the Surge Event. Find out what happens next.

Tarneg's Dragon.

A dragon hunter is hunting for a special dragon. If only he knew that he is the dragon.

TNSTAG - ch. 2

The 2nd chapter of There's No Such Thing As Goats!

There's No Such Thing as Goats!

When James Jonah Jonson winds up on Noah's Ark, the consequences will be quite disasterous, especially for the goats! Before that happens here's the first chapter.  It introduces the main story and characters. Enjoy!

You Are Here Ch. 35 teaser

teaser to the next chaper, resubmitted...

And The Battle Rages On - Poem

An epic battle fought until the death and in the afterlife even!

Oh Brave Knight He - Poem

A Knight, a dragon, a fare maiden to rescue and all in a poem, what more could you ask for?

You Are Here - chp. 33 and 34

The conclusion is drawing ever nearer as Tomas continues his quest...

The Changing Room - Prologue

This is my newest project, I had the idea when I was reading a story, believe it or not :) It's about a changing room that changes where you are, except that comes later, this is the prologue of the story and as such mentions the changing room only briefly...

Dragon Song - Poem

A poem 'bout a dragon

The Tale of Two Lovers - Poem

as the title suggest this is a tale of two lovers, told as they dance in the village square

Strange Brew - Poem

A witch is mixing a potion with odd ingredients, but then again what potion doesn't have odd ingredients?

You Are Here - 15 - 20

The next bits of this thrilling adventure in the Dream Universe.

You Are Here - 27 & 28

Things are slowly but surely coming to a close, the end is drawing near, but there are still one or two things that need explaining.....hopefully these and the next couple of chapter will clear things up...

The Gentle Bard - Poem

Remember the bard from oh brave knight he? Well this is one of his tales...

Almost Too Quiet - Poem

This is something I just wrote randomly wanted to write a poem cause i haven't written one for a while, it's not my best, but it's ok, have a read...it was supposed to be funny, but turned out a little more dramatic than i pictured when i began it, it's about a dwarf out for a walk when everything becomes too quiet, almost too quiet....

You Are Here 21-24

This is simply the continuation of my story, which i began to write in the last half of last year....enjoy! (This is my story has been and will continue to be my main updates in the library)

The Baby Swamp Dragon - Poem

A poem written for the march woodworks comp 'BABES OF ELFWOOD' or something like that, it's a poem about swamp dragon, as the title suggests....

You Are Here - Chapters 5 - 8

The continuation of Tomas's journey through the world inside his dream.....

TCK - A Glossary

This is a companion to my story The Cartographer's Key, explaining what certain words translate as or what some objects present in the story are.

The Sword Made of Bone

This is a parody (of sorts) of the Sword In the Stone. Starring Sir Trevor, Brave Knight of The Square Bar Stool, 'The Mighty and Brave Knight Who Done Great Deeds And Stuff...'

Dragon Flame - Poem

This is a poem i wrote using Danielle Fonseca's Initials. Its about a dragon

Retirement - poem

a poem about someone who has experienced everything and is ready to retire and does so in his own way.

Oh! The Creatures You'll See! - Poem

This is another tribute to the excellent children's poet and author, Dr. Seuss, aka Theodore Seuss Leosig. It is based on his poem/picture book Oh! The Places You'll Go! And as closely as possible follows the rhythm and rhymes of it. If you compare the two you'll find it's very close to the original's rhyme and rhythm. Enjoy! *a snoo is a creature i made up for the purposes of the poem, much like a mouse, but blue and with a shorter ears, it sneezes a lot, because of its proximity to the dusty ground, to which it is ironically allergic.

The Vince Wexley Files - 2

Herein lies the second chapter of my modern fantasy tale, it is a short visit to Tundria wherein Spirig, Master Time Mage discovers the twins, Seth and Dina just as they are heading through the string they unstitched in the last chapter and the consequential aftermath.

The Vince Wexley Files - 1 (revised)

This is a modern fantasy story, which i'm working on and which i hope will grow into a big adventure. It stars Veterinarian in training, Vince Wexley, who finds himself at the centre of what begins as a time travelling mishap and spirals into the biggest journey he has ever been on...this is only the first couple of pages of it...the rest is yet to be written. The Elvi are from a made up period of time, where the Elves (Elvi) were the rulers of the Earth, which they call Lo'erth, they are the only creatures in their time capable of performing magic, and call themselves the Majus. There are several schools of magic, including chronomagicus, the school where the magic of time travel is taught. Students at this school call themselves the chronomagi...

A Plethora Of Fantasy - Poem

my newest poem which is an homage to the great Dr. Seuss' Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog? using fantasy creatures.

Death's Game - Poem

This is a poem i wrote ages ago, it's just another one about battle, but in this one death is watching and waiting for the battle to end so he can claim the dead.

You Are Here - Ch. 27 - 30 (chapters 27 and 28 revised)

I've decided to upload this revised edition of chapters 27 and 28, as there are some slight changes to the chapter formats in this one, and I'd like to leave the original one up here so you guys can compare and comment on which you think works better...

The Warrior - Poem

Another poem about a woman kickin butt, basically cause i can.

The Cartographer's Key - 1

This is my newest story, it's about a map that is actually a portal into another world...perhaps many other worlds...it is found by a young guy on earth after it is sent through a conjured portal. This is the prologue and chapters 1 and 2. The companion file (which will get updates as the story progresses) can be found on my stories list as TCK - Glossary. It explains what some of the words mean. ENJOY!

You Are Here - Ch. 31 & 32

When we last left Tomas and co, they were about to have a very important meeting about what to do about Nen, these two chapters elaborate on that point, and set up the ending, which will be happening in about four or five more chapters.

The Long and the Short of It - Poem

Just a silly little fun poem i wrote before getting stuck back into my story...it actually helped me write more of my story believe it or not....

You Are Here - Chapters 9 - 14

Tomas's story continues as he faces off with evil......

Earth Number Two - Poem

This is a poem i wrote a while ago, on a whim, i'll let you read it now...

The Post

This is a work in progress, about an intergalactic postman.

You Are Here

This is a story i started to write at the beginning of 2003 as a part of a course i was doing, the subject i wrote this for was Writing For Children, this is the Major Assignment piece i handed in the first two chapters of for assessment and got a high distinction for it........it's about a dude who dreams a dream and it is real, he can die in his dream and if he does he dies in real life...that's what i mean by it being real....read on...

You Are Here - 25 & 26

Chapters 25 and 26 short and sweet, hope you like it...

Embroidered Memories - Poem

A poem i wrote using the initials of a friend as the first letters of the two word title. That person was Emily McDurman, a fellow elfwood writer whom most of you probably know of. This is the resulting poem, about an elven knight whose time has come to pass from this world into the next