Okay, where to start... The old man of the woods is back! I'm 55 years old and live in Fairborn, Ohio. I've been drawing for over 50 years now and still trying to get it right. Some of you may remember me from Gallery 30 several years ago. I quit drawing Fantasy, so I left the woods and quit drawing altogether for awhile. I wanted to get back into the art which everyone expected me to do. Native American drawings, portraits etc. After a couple of years of reality it finaly sunk in...I miss drawing Fantasy, I missed Elfwood. So...I'm back. For now I'm posting alot of my old work 'cos alot of ya ain't seen it yet anyway. For my old friends here in the woods I do have a few new works to post. I hope all of those who wander through my little area of the woods will stop to look and I hope you enjoy what you see.