Time to update my bio. My mother presented me with an interesting question recently. She asked: 'How did my little scientist become an artist?' Well for my whole life I have been interested in art as well as science. In the first grade I would spend me reascess drawing unicorns crossing a mud-covered road under a rainbow. But for my early years science was the easier thing for me to learn. It wasn’t until high school that my art talent was really noticed by one of my favorite teachers. Also at the same time I lost a lot of interest in science because the high school science teacher was incompetent. He was unable to teach correctly and he had a major default in his brain that made it impossible for him to properly correct out tests. It took us two years to get enough evidence of this to the school board to get him fired, I think he lost his teaching license as well, but that’s besides the point. I’m just explaining why I am the artist you see before you.