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Yes. The title is lame. One day there will be a better one. Here are Viola and Miette, my two favorite sado-masochistic lesbian vampires. They have an unusual relationship. Viola (the nekkid one) is sort of a dominant masochist. She is basically invincible, so she can deal with all sorts of pain and most kinds of fatal injuries. Miette is sort of a submissive sadist, and is very childlike and feral. Viola sort of takes care of her, and in excahnge, Miette gets to hurt Viola as much as she wants. They have a game in which Miette will devise a new and elaborate way to 'kill' Viola, and then surprise her with it (much to Viola's glee.) At this point in the timeline Miette has been made into a cyborg assassin of sorts -- the bladed tentacles coming from her back emerge whenever she is 'activated' -- they whip around, causing grievous damage to anyone in the viscinity. When she is not using them the blades retract and the tentacle coil up into her kidneys (which as a vampire, she never uses.) Because of all the metal inside her she is a heavy little thing. Oh, yes...and Miette has a condition called treplolorric merriochism, meaning that she must feed from the blood (and souls) of other vampires every once in a while in order to stay alive and relatively sane. This condition is considered the ultimate perversion in their society. In addition to cutting Viola up with her blades, Miette has just finished drinking blood from Viola, hense the crimson hue of her mouthal region. ...The lighting is wonky because the image is from a digital photo of the original drawing and I was having trouble with shadows getting in the photo.

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