Alicia Wilson

I'm 24 years old. I live in Canada! I'm a girl.I have a Fiance I love very very much.. :D  I also have a wonderful son who was born June 21, 2005!  And a second wonderful son born September 14, 2006!!!I am the pharaoh hound and the pharaoh hound is me. My entire gallery is dedicated to the memory of heart and soul. I miss her very dearly. A peice of my heart gone forever.I am a certified dog groomer and have the awards to prove it ;). I have dogs, birds, and fish. My fave rat is Reatah who is named after a one of the 'guests' on Jerry Springer.....Don't ask. this Page is to her as well, she passed away in November 2002. I breed and show Chinese Crested Dogs and currently own alot.. .x.x;  Cresteds are like Lays Potatoe Chips, you can't just have one... I'm one of them happy go lucky waterbabies and if you ever need energy just ask me! And now the naming of my mammals:Loki- Chinese Crested DogZero - Chinese Crested DogRiot - Chinese CrestedSayber- Powder puff Chinese CrestedSolstice - Chinese CrestedHaisha - Chinese CrestedRaisel - Chinese Crested PuffFraggle - Chines CrestedJimmy-Grey Cockatiel Squirrel - Munchkin Cat!I used to have saltwater fish until my trigger and my lionfish got in a fight and they both died. Okay so that is it for now..... Have fun looking at my minimal gallery....KreedanWritten: March 22, 2007