Alison Grills

Hi!  I'm Ali, a 33 year old Aussie girl, married without kids, two cats, and a large collection of unicorns (soft toys, ornaments, posters etc).  I love to write, especially poetry, and having been doing so since my early teens.  While fantsy isn't my only genre it is one I'm really enjoying exploring.  I would love to be able to create the art to go with my writing but drawing isn't my strong point.  I might try to add a few pics here and there, mostly done through paint and ulead, so long as they don't look too much like a four year old drew them I might be okay!?  I'm a serious fan of fantasy art work and SO admire the artists here at Elfwood.  As well as unicorns I have a soft spot for vampires, incubi and succubi, warrior women and all variety of magic makers.   Thanks for having me.

Little John Long

Think Thumbellina but a boy and modern day

Succubus (poem)

Originally inspired by the Alice Cooper song 'Poison'. Tweaked a little for presentation here.


I might be into werewolves and vamps but I do like fairies too, so here is my take on the Fairy Princess.

Rainbow Land (children's poem)

I wrote this one when I was still pretty young myself. I hope to one day see it as a picture book - any artists out there interested in a collaboration?


An acrostic on my favourite mythical (or are they?) creature.

Bears and Chairs

I had playschool on my mind and it kinda went off on a tagent from there.

Lonely Mermaid (poem)

What happens at the end of the fairytale?

Bad Night for Chickens (poem)

Same Poem, one spelling change and hopefully the formatting I'd intended originally - HTML doesn't always like me!

Creatures of the Night (poem)

Things that go bump in the night

Through the Looking Glass (poem)

Seemed like a dream, but then again.....

Say It With Flowers

A story of love, loss and the magic of a shared wish

Haunted House (poem)

Unoriginal name I know, but it still sums it up

Night (poem)

What can happen after dark

Real Freaky (poem)

My own haunting experience

Vampires (Lyrics)

Year Ten in High School, Poetry of Rock class, my first ever attempt at Lryics. Think hard rock with a metal edge for the melody.

Last Kiss (Poem)

Sensual look at vampiress and conquest