Alisha A. Hay

             __I will probably be updating here at Elfwood VERY rarely. I *DO* have a DeviantArt page,which,well,'s more *simple*,will tend to have newer/more work put up. I'm not sure if anyone actually watches this little gallery,but if you do or have, thank you ^_^ and Best Wishes to you.__   It's 2007!..and I've added a few pics..some very old.. a few that are pretty recent. Wow,I'm lazy lately. I need to work on backgrounds. Possible inspirations could include: movies ( a lot of horror/scif-fi/fantasy..duh LOVE movies) ,music imagery, random objects, people in general...pretty much anything; a lot of the doodles are quite random in fact. Likes: movies,music( ecclectic tastes really; anything from rock and metal, to some r&b and showtunes..yes, read correctly.), sharp objects, shiny things,cats,wolves,vampires..yadda yadda...etc.  ***On another note!: Drawing's fun..pretty much a given,right?. I'm never satisfied with anything though.     So Please, leave some constructive comments...if you like something, if you don't, what you think might work better. I'm a pretty open-minded and fair person, so if you can, try to be the same.  So..that'd be about all... except... I don't mind people taking anything here for their own use as long as it's not taken as their own or changed in anyway. Dont take credit for it.*** I've had some issues with this recently,but if I can't get to something *requested* in a certain time frame,I apologize. I get really busy with school/work and helping take care of a physically-disabled parent.  It sounds horrible,but as with many college students,money IS an incentive when it's not personal work. So I *WILL* take commissions...IM or email and we can discuss. Sorry =/ ***