Ann Sameth

Welcome to my site little creatures, or what is the same, inside my imagination world! ^^Here you'll see my draws about my loved faes, driades, changelings (my own pj's), gnomish in the lakke of tears©, and some of my paranoid stuff, xDAlso you could read (I hope I'll finish it some day) my next new story "Axis Mundi" © (the plot at least! haha)But I have a lot to learn yet, so...Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo! :3 I like Role Play games (Changeling, Worlds of Darkness, D&D, Wow...), Medieval literature, Faeries, Mythology, Freedom, Nature, Oracles Favourite movies Series: Lost, The big bang theory, How I met your mother, The Simpsons, APM, Grey Anathomy, Futurama, ETC... Movies: all the Epic, Fantastic and Historic movies. Favourite books Dragonlance; Forgotten Realms; The Lord of the Rings; Brian Froud ones Favourite music Power, symphonic and melodic metal. Classical music too.