Aluni (Spirit Wind for the Plains Maiden)

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Anna Arwen' Eash

Yuppeh, a spirit wind for the plains maiden. Remember the 'Exotic Eyes' picture? Well, she's from the same space and tribe and all, she just looks different. I assume that the wind's a magical one. ((Don't look at me--I just drew the picture)) Frankly, I like the way her hair came out. She's got a few little half-braids, and her 'bangs' have little strips of leather tied in them. *noddeh* I don't think she's a mage of any sort, but she may well be, judging by the magical wind. Hmm dum. I shall have to consult the spirits within for other information. NEWS! She IS a mage! Whadda you know. Wow. She's of the same Sharneh, or flatland Anorian tribe. She also has a twin brother named Ilosil, who is also a mage.

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So. This is after Seremidal and lord Aricin of Avalbane start over with a new relationship, over 50 years after Efion dies. Soon after they get together again and she actually lets everyone know that they're so unquestionably in love--*dramatic sigh*--she's kidnapped. And, chya. Haven't decided whether they are married after or before this though, probably before, though both hold their difficulties, but anywho. She has nightmares and flashbacks about the whole kidnapping ordeal. There are two parts here, both fairly small, so I combined them.

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A poem--yay! About Silas and Tiire, two elven lovers. Well, actually, Silas was an elf, but Tiire was only half-elven... Half dark-elf, and alas for Silas. His bloodwrath sent her away and she off and got herself killed by a fullblooded dark-elf that couldn't get a few kisses off of her. So Dinen killed her, and when Silas went off to find her, he found her dead body, then went off to track Dinen, who was already dead, and went back and commited suicide. Yup. His Immortal lady was murdered, so he suicided. How trite. Read it anyway. I don't really like it, but you might--everybody else does. *twitch*

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Several weeks after Efion arrives in Avalbane with her brother Fionan is the time, Avalbane, of course is the place. Aricin is Lord of Avalbane, the elven city, and Efion and Fionan are of Feoras, a harbor city. Efion and Aricin have fallen in love, but are both a little shy about it, to say the least. **Stated earlier was the information that this story is from one written between myself and Christine and Danielle Clark, two of the other three authors of the Tales of the Sapphires. But the three of us together did not write this story. I myself came up with this idea and wrote it, only gaining their oppinions after it was finished**

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Remember the story about Efion and Aricin? Well I told you they were fated, right? Yeah... Weeeell... This is after Efion died. Uhhuh. *sniffle* Well, he had promised to take her to Feoras (her harbor home) again, and he never did. Now he's mourning her death and contemplating what might have happened if he had taken her to Feoras one more time... Now excuse me while I dash off to cry my eyes out...


Seremidal and Aricin again, after their breakup, and the Efion ordeal... about 50 years after Efion's death, to be precise. About and precise, together? xD Yeah. This is short, and moreso dialogue than true story, but... well, there are some actions written in there, so... MMhmm. This is the first move toward Seremidal and Aricin getting back together... or not. Only part of the story... May get the rest typed up later. Different sections and all. Fun. Enjoy.

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