Ally Knight

My name is Ally. I'm a 17yo college student from the lovely Eastern seaboard side of the US of A. I've been drawing for awhile... and scribbling and doodling for even longer. My first real picture was probably when I was 8 and I drew a brown Thoroughbred horse. More importantly... I'm a scribbler. There isn't a piece of dead tree in the house that hasn't had at least 1 of random scribbles or doodles on it. But, anyway... in recent years, I've actually started turning some of those random scribbles into actual pictures. Mostly horses, but I'm a big fantasy/sci-fi/anime person type-thing too. I usually just use colored pencils... I do some acrylics too. And then I just recently realized how to use PSP8 properly to do some CG stuff, so that's what I've been working on lately. Oh.. also... some people call me crazy. And if running around blind with a lampshade over your head, banging off the walls while screaming 'THE COWS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!' is crazy... well... Then just maybe I am.