Selina Fenech

I've had a gallery on Elfwood since at least 1999. When I started out I could barely put together the minimum four decent artworks for my gallery, and now I'm a fully self employed professional artist, with customers and collectors in over 30 countries! Many thanks to Elfwood for this, without Elfwood I'd be no where, so big thanks to Thomas and the crew!Yes! I sell prints! Gorgeous art prints of all my work are available at my website at along with lots of other cool art merch, like bookmarks, bags, t-shirts, figurines and more.I no longer regularly update my Elfwood page, and as such it contains some of my oldest artworks shown online. I've considered updating and deleting the old stuff, but there's way too much history there to lose :) I've added some of my new artworks in as of July 2014. Thank you kindly for visiting. Take your time to look around and I hope you enjoy my art! Love and Magic, Selina XOX