hello!!! I'm Pam Hage and i'm 21 years old. most of the time i'm making drawings or i'm juggling with a prop that's called a devilstick... but i also juggle with diabolo's and poi! and you can find me at the archery club almost every saturday.back to my drawings: i usually make pencil drawings. i do that since...ehm... *thinking*... a very long time, but now i'm also making some watercolors. love that stuff :D and i use photoshop sometimes...well, that's it...have fun! I like archery, juggling and painting Favourite movies the lord of the rings, dragonheart, harry potter, eragon, braveheart, stardust, final fantasy VII advent children and pirates of the caribbean. Favourite books harry potter, lord of the rings, eragon, eldest, brisingr... Favourite music metal and rock. i love within temptation, epica evanescence and nightwish, but also some celtic folk stuff, like rapalje and omnia.