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this is my entry for the 'wings of desire' contest, which is about the love between an immortal person and a mortal one.these characters are Rhoan and Anka'a from my imaginary world Enda and they are (kinda obviously) in love. Both of them are Khand-Endarins (a kind of high elves). this is a very old race and it is one of the first with magical powers, but it became extinct (well... almost). both Anka'a and Rhoan are able to use magic, but Anka'a was much more powerful than him. No problem, you might think, but magic has a great impact on a sorcerer's lifespan (the stronger his magic is, the longer he will live), so Anka'a will live without Rhoan for the greatest part of her life. Anka'a obviously didn't like that idea, so she decided to use her magical gift to defeat death. at that time, magic was wild and had no rules, which is a big difference with the magic that rules Enda now. and so, after decades of studying and experimenting, Anka'a finally did it.  she was sure that she had created a spell to beat death. she didn't want to try this out on Rhoan ofcourse, because it was just a theory, but his time here on Enda was almost over. she woud first try it out on herself, which meant that she had to die. so on one day she walked to the edge cliffs just outside her hometown, casted the spell and jumped...this feels like flying! when this turns out bad at least my last seconds here on Erda were not bad at all.but those 'last seconds' lasted quite long, too long. Anka'a opened her eyes and the only thing she saw where flames, but she could barely feel the heat. it was actually quite comfortable. when the fire stopped, Anka'a felt better, stronger, reborn. and she was different than before, she was able to shapeshift between her elvish form to a bird of fire. Anka'a became the first phoenix, immortal and  was also the greatest of them all because she was also able to lengthen the life of someone else. Rhoan and Anka'a could now live forever.unfortunately, there are some things you cannot mess around with without some consequences... death is one of them. death must take a life when Anka'a or Rhoan 'dies', so this meant that Anka'a must offer the lifeforce of someone else instead of Rhoan's or her own. she didn't know this in the beginning, but after a while she could feel that someone else was dying while Rhoan or herself were getting reborn. Anka'a figures out a way to store someones lifeforce when that person gets killed, so now she can decide who will die instead of herself or Rhoan. the number of years that those unlucky people die too early are then added up to Rhoan's and her own life. sounds kinda terrible, but when you're in love for so long like those two, i guess that you just don't see the death that surrounds you anymore. that's also why there's a graveyard in the pic and why that hill is made of skulls (yes, those weird looking boulders are skulls...jeez those things are difficult to draw, i don't like how they turned out :S), as a reminder that that couple's luck meant a lot of misery for other people. Anka'a doesn't know how she can die (or maybe she fears death so much that she doesn't want to) and can't live without Rhoan either, so they lived on for ages and saw their own kind disappear. now they are the last of the, that's enough writing for today, the story just gets worse anyway... 

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