Andreas Hjert

 I´m 23 years old and has been living in the city of Trollhättan nearly my entire life. I love art in every form. I beilive firmly that art is not a profession. It´s not even a philosophy. It is life. We are all artist´s and should call ourselves so instead of "mankind" or "human being". The word just makes you feel perfect. doesn´t it?Anyway. I love to illustrate and to write and I´ve would love to share some of my art with everyone here.  I like Music, Painting, illustration, writing, crafts, acting, movies, comics, nature Favourite movies Lord of the rings, Conan the Barbarian, Labyrinth, Pan´s labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Star wars, Krull, the Sword and the sorcerer, Pirates of the Carribean, 13 warriors, Hobbit, Robin Hood: Prince of thieves, The dark crystal, Stardust Favourite books Abarat, the Witcher; the last wish, Discworld; Feet of Clay Favourite music Tiamat; Wildhoney, Alice Cooper; Brutal planet, Lars Demian