Alton Lawson

I live near Seattle WA. and work as a contract Production Artist and Graphic Designer, for companies like: Microsoft, WRQ inc., Boeing, WOTC. I enjoy Fantasy and Science Fiction. My favored Artists are too numerous to mention. I enjoy contemporary as well as Renaissance and ancient art works, Sculpture, Paint, and Architecture. Inspiration comes in many forms. This gallery has inspired me to continue to do more work. I hope you enjoy the look into my fantasy visions. Thank you in advance for constructive and insightful comments. Note: The new image of me, if it shows up,(short hair, slash and puff velvet doublet) Was taken by Sebastian of I like Fantasy, Sci Fi, Conventions, Ren Faires, Dancing, Clubbing, Fine eating, Fine clothes, Art History, World History, Forbidden Archeology, Xeno Biology, Aliens, Unexplained Aerial Phenomena , Government Conspiracy, 911, Endgame, Bilderberg Group, Illuminati. Favourite movies Matrix Trilogy, LOTR, Star Wars (all), Conan, Hellboy, Anime, Farscape, Babylon 5, BattleStar Galactica (Original series only), Underworld, Blade, Favourite books Tooooo many to list here. Favourite music Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, Celtic, Metal, Eighties Alternative, Peruvian/South American, Experimental Noiz.