Alura Raetz

The baisics: Female, 18, dark blond, loves cartoons (you're never too old!), anime, reading, drawing, and.. you guessed it! Writing stories! Naw... y'think? ;P Eh, for my art stuff, see the side links over there--------> Please pay them a visit. My pictures are lonely. Very rarely do they get comments. Not to mention, that some of my characters in my stories are drawn there. You want to see what they look like? Well then go! Shoo! Off with you! Visit the pages! Well, now that that's done...ATTENTION!!! I will be deleting the HOD story! I'm sorry to all of those people who followed it and loved it, but I've finally realized that I am never going to finish it. I have truly tried, but it's not working. The inspiration left me, and I believe that the story wasn't as interesting as I made it out to be. If anyone decides that they can't live without knowing what happens, please feel free to e-mail me. I will send a breif summery of what went on, but don't expect much. Once again, I'm sorry. However, the DT story is still active. In fat, I have quite a bit written out, the only problem is I have to get off my butt and type it up. I've had this story most of my life, so it won't be ditched anytime soon. No worries there. ALSO, I plan on creating a real 'novel' on the Darkness Consumes story. Rather than a quick runnover of this guy's life, I'm going to make it into a real story. Please be patient with me, though, I have school and am very busy, but I should have something up eventually. Thank you. 11/4/03~ Okay, so I lied. I'm actually not going to be posting here anymore. I found a better site that lets me post anything I want really, including fan art, and photos and fan stories. Don't get me wrong, Elfwood is awsome, but it just doesn't suit my needs. You can find my new stuff here. And go ahead and sign up too, it's free.

Dimension Traveller

Teasers gone wild. This is part one of my yet unnamed story(DT is just for until I can think of a better name) I'm not fond of any beginning I give this thing, so I thought sinse I haven't updated (story-wise) in a while, I'd post it. And yes, I realise the girl's name sound just a little familier, but first wrote it years ago, back when my name-chosing talents were very limited, and I haven't had the heart to change it. By the way, if you couldn't tell by now, you will in the story, that I like to hear myself ramble. Enjoy. ^^

Heart of Destiny Chapter 3

Part three of my (hopeful) book. In this, the final main character is introduced. Oh, and wondering who that mysterious bearded guy is? Sorry, it won't tell you this chapter, but he will be focused on more as the story progresses. Bookmark this place and check up once and a while.

Heart of Destiny Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (duh). This reveals who that 'mystery guy' is, and what the point of the story is! Wow! No real action here, but it's vital to the storyline. Read! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!*cough**hack**ahem*

Winds of Change

This is an urban fantasy story that's been floating around my head for a while now. I've finally written some of it down. I felt like putting it up. Tell me how you like it.


Yay! Part Deux! I'm so happy ^^ This part isn't as exciting as it should be. I'm still working it up to the main plot. I should get to that either next chapter, or the one after. Then we get to meet some nice lookin pirates! *Squeal!* (Pardon my weirdness, it's 12:42am at the moment, and I couldn't get to sleep. So I wrote the story instead. Aren't you lucky?)

Darkness Consumes

This is a story I wrote while in kind of a trance. I wasn't depressed when I wrote it, and I don't agree with the way of thinking. But I love the concept. WARNING!! Do not read if easily depressed! It is a very depressing story. I don't want to be the fault of any tragedies... lest I become like this guy.

Heart of Destiny Chapter 2

Part two of my story. In this chapter, I intoduce the two other main characters, one based on my best friend, Mir, and another on her boyfriend. The last of the four main characters comes next chapter. I hope you like it.

Heart of Destiny Chapter 4

Another continuation to my story/book/novel... whatever. Now, the adventure begins. Things will really start to get interesting now...

Heart of Destiny

A peasant, a prince, a hermit, and a hunter are all torn form their normal daily lives, and thrust into an adventure filled with lies, broken trust, an evil king, demons, and a wizard or two. The story's not finished yet, but I hope to load the rest of the chapters soon, and if I get enough feedback, I may even finish the thing. Oh, and I'd like to give credit to my friend, Mir, who helped greatly with the story characters, and ideas. Love ya, Mir.


Pre-story story. Bit cryptic at the moment, but gives a grat feel for the story. I like how it turned out anyway.