Errol Harrison

well HELLO :) if you are reading this that means you want to know more about me so here you are....i'm doing a 3 year illustration degree at uni different than what i expected but the people in my class are very cool even tho one *thinks* they are always right know who you are......... i'm a big fan of manga/anime like to collect a few comics and creating a couple,plus i'm a huge film fan. You would be too being brought up on Jakie Chan film's, but i also like the hollywood stuff i mean where would we be without 'arnie' together with the Hong Kong,Japanese and Korean film's but willing to give any film a try... i like to make music and films aswell as write them i got skills don't i ;) also like to play alot of computer games and that's all i'm telling for now... check these wonderful people out who are close friends that mean alot to me... Trudi Castle who's art is just as beautiful as her, the greatest at using colour ;D Astrid Castle also a great beauty who's detail in her pic's is just as amazing as she is ;D David Eagleton a great guy who's work is from another world!!! ;) Raymond.D.S.Edwards a another great guy who's art is different and this is how you see it... John.L.Brock also a great guy with excellent artwork!!! just check it out now!!! Ryan Button great work by a great man!! Shiri Rae Kc Burdette well another great artist who you should see!!! Can Yigit Sanalan well hes just as crazy as me and we keep on doing stupid stuff even thou they seem good at the time....anyway check out his page you will like it :)