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...yup. it's the personification of the night, although she looks more like dusk here I guess.

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People forget how much less comforting the original elvish mythology was. Even Tolkein, who studied carefully before creating his elves tended to make them far more benign for the purposes of his writings(his Mirkwood wood-elves were closer). this poem is just a reminder... See also Terry Pratchett's 'Lords and Ladies', on which this poem is based. *edit*NO THIS IS NOT PLAGARISM! I state clearly that it is based on Terry Pratchett's novel, Lords and Ladies, these points are made in that book (I even looked them up just now) and yes, this is similar. OF COURSE IT IS, IT'S WHERE I GOT THE IDEAS FROM! Because they tallied so closely with my own observations and thoughts at the time I really liked them. I reworked these ideas INTO MY OWN CREATION years after I last read the book. I am not trying to pretend it is not based on the book, part of the point is a homage to an author that continues to inspire me and the way I write. There are only 3 authors that have this high a value for me, so I hope you understand that I would NEVER want to do the wrong thing. Grr.

the Extraordinary Adventures Of Tosca and Timkin

After constantly geting bogged down in a myriad nof stories that kept branching off and demanding their own mythology, languages, societies and everything else, I decided to start one simpler story I could come back to (and hopefully finish). It has turned into a kind of advanced children's story, the kind I liked to read at about age 7 and was always told I couldn't until I started reading the 'The Hobbit'. I think it's a reaction to people so drastically underestimating what children are able to read, something I've noticed an combatted as a babysitter as well. The style should make it enjoyable for people of most ages, between the Tolkein-esque beginings to the Ter- Pratchett asides that alowed me to break out a little. It also allows me to take a sly prod from the inside at the genre I love so much. The basics shouldn't be too hard to guess, but watch closely as I add to it because I'll be trying to keep you on your toes! Please enjoy, and feel free to prompt me if I leave it too long before adding to it again.

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