Alysha Crossan

Just a Kiwi with a laptop and some spare time! I live in New Zealand which many people believe is in Australia?! Odd I know.Have been writing and drawing for years and am currently working on a book! Well actually two... I just havn't finished the first book yet hehe BTW im the one in the black sparkly dress doing a weird sucky face thing.........Though I love writing, I do not seem to have enough time to do any recently with school and what not... but hopefully might be able to get some extracts up, which will most likely be in my Other Works folder.Give plenty of contructive critisism, but be nice!!!!! ;D I like Writing and drawing (as I said before), horse riding, painting (though not overly great at it), more recently photography, which I do not think is accepted here sadly, and I am sure other things which I cannot think of at the moment. Favourite movies I like practically any fantasy/Scifi movies but not really any shows, except for Avatar (but nobody believes me that its fantasy... :( ) Favourite books LOTR has to be the best. Tolkien is the master (bows down). But I also love the inheritance series, Narnia (the books not the movies :P) and Wolfbrother. I'm gutted because cannot find any afforable copies of The Silmarillion (am not very rich right now...) Favourite music Still loving the 80's and 90's, but am also into kiwi bands like Midnight Youth, Kids of 88 and Computers Want Me Dead

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