Monster Series 2

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Alyssa Forester

MONSTER STORIES!!1. Shroot Loot is a doctor of incredible skill. He has the ability to banish parasites from the sick. All he asks for in payment is a chunk of cheese. Shroot Loot is made of cheese and he gets a little moldy every once in a while. To make sure he's fresh and dandy, cheese is what he needs!2.Eplet Awk is a sassy lady. She's a rare species of reptilian ostrich. She loves getting glammed up and screeching out melodies on high mountain tops. She often parties in caves dwellings with her dragon pals, fist pumping the day away.3. Oon Gargin is a space traveler from planet Ectoo he travels though the galaxies in a hot air balloon. He enjoys learning about new lifeforms and rock formations. His best friend is a giant centipede named Marvo who accompanies him in many missions. Together they make cheese and carve wooden prosthetic legs.4. Cremella Norlax is a mystical mummy born 16 thousand years ago. Each night she creeps into someones sleep and makes them dream their teeth fall out! Her daughter Engolbird has grown to become the tooth fairy. Cremella enjoys brushing her wig and sucking on pine cones.5. Vingley Teng is a scruffer monster who lives in a chicken coop. After wandering the earth for a place to call home, he fell in love with a hen named Myrtle and he set out to live the life of a rooster. He can see in the dark due to his glowing eyeballs and loves harvesting coconuts from the tops of palm trees in the moonlight.6. Tup Tup the Wiggle Tuff is a space famous fashion designer. He designs shirts with built-in parachutes and shoes with build-in trampolines. He enjoys collecting hair gel and sucking filling out of donuts. He moves with wonderful grace and flutters his face gills like a seahorse.7. Goonger Fard is a gate keeper of a majestic lake. It's his job to make sure no clowns enter, for clowns leave lard in the lake. It's Goongers job to pump the remaining lake lard out so nematodes can frolic there freely. When Goonger isn't lake saving he's playing hopscotch and judging national jump roping championships.8. Obis Cobis is bald from a sewer accident. Obis job is to slide around sewer pipes and retrieves lost items. On one faithful day, he slithered past some land gnomes who cast a spell on him..POW! all of his fluff, gone! He moved to a warm island where he can wear bikinis all year long, doesn't need fur and swims the days away!9. Teblet Eck is a guard dog of sacred scrolls. These scrolls tell of where the leprechauns are having their next cheese grading ceremony. The location is a secret that only leprechauns can know. If you get near Teblet and his scroll, he will bite your face! In his free time he enjoys dancing to techno and sharpening his claws.10. Choto Nug was like every other flamingo, grazing along the water with his flamingo pals. That was until he had a revelation, he decided to become a dream wizard. He would poke and pride at the other flamingos in their sleep, trying to cast spells on their dreams. Flamingos like their privacy, and they thought Choto was way too yappy, so they slapped him away.One day a pirate ship sailed by and Choto sneaked on board. He sneaked into the Captain Crust's bed and began chanting his spell. The other pirates heard this and took the intruder to walk the plank!However just as Choto was about to meet his end, Captain Crust stopped them, exclaiming that he had just had the best dream he ever had after years of nightmares! Choto was hired to be the ships official Wizard and began their journey across the seas.11. Keemle Futs kind lives between the toes of other monsters. He chews away the scummy dirt and shines up paws until they're sparkling fresh. Keemle can reflate to microscopic sizes to avoid being crushed. He can also breathe under water, in case his host needs to go for a swim! His favorite activities are being sticky and brushing his teeth.12. Klonkin Jan the radioactive werewolf lives in high mountaintops with blustery cold winds. He was adopted by a family of zombies when he was small. He spends his days as a master chef preparing brain soup and seasoning moon-pies with just the right amount of frosting. When he's not being a source of tasty treats, you'll often see him driving his van up the sides of tall trunks where he camps out in the tree tops for a few days.Stop by my store to see plush toys, clay dolls and jewelry of my monsters:http://www.alyshellscraftshack.etsy.comAlyshells

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