Sea Yumpy

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Alyshia McLoughlin

I just put pencil on paper and started to draw and this is the outcome.He is called a Sea Yumpy. There are many different types of Yumpy. There is the Sea Yumpy, the Earth Yumpy, the Air Yumpy the Lava Yumpy and the Forest Yumpy. Each has it's own unique features but all originated from the same animals.Yumpy's were created by a woman who was breeding animals. She got a bit adventurous and tried breeding a male Deer and a female Lion. To her astonishment it worked and the yumpy was born. They were called Yumpy's because of their lumpy appearance.The first race of Yumpy's were a gentle, co-habitating group. They lived in groups like their ancestor the lion and hunted in large numbers. However as this breed grew in numbers many hunters became aware of the new and fascinating breed. The Yumpy's were then hunted for their skins because they were such vibrant colours and were very tough.Some Yumpy's were caught and killed. Others were captured and forced to fight in wars along side a human or in battles against other Yumpy's. This forced the Yumpy's to disperce and live in smaller groups.The Sea Yumpy's ancestors fled south down to the icy regions and became residents of the icy plains. Over the many years that they lived there they slowly adapted to the harsh environment. Thier skins toughened even more and their legs became webbed then slowly turned to fins. It kept it's mammal nose but also produced gills. These enabled it to breath both above water and below as the Sea Yumpy became mainly a marine animal. Now the Sea Yumpy lives hundreds of feet under the ocean and bearly shows it's head above water.However if you do see one of these magnificent creatures above the water line, run. These once docile animals now hold a grudge against man kind and find it hard to trust anything that walks on two legs.

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