Amanda Weiss

I came into this world twenty-three years ago, but unlike most people at Elfwood, I have not been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My drawing experience is limited to doodling on and off over the years and a few college art classes. I am an amateur in the truest sense, because for me art will always be a hobby. I recently graduated with a BA in English, art minor. Right now I'm working on my MS in publishing. I have three cats, a dog, a flock of birds, numerous aquariums, and a horse that I traded my social life for. I don't mind people saving my art for personal use, as long as I get full credit, and if it's displayed, a link back to my site. The exceptions to this are portraits I did of other people's characters. If the person in that picture isn't yours, then you have no business trying to claim it is. Also, you may not alter my art in any way, claim it as your own work, or try to sell it. I have neither tolerance nor sympathy for art thievery in any way, shape, or form. Intelligent comments and thoughtful critiques are always appreciated.