Catherine Romero

Mandy here with the latest news of the will be charcoal mistress extrodinaire.... Ok not much, but I can relate my hobbies in under...a book?  I draw, sing and write only because I have no other means of letting go of the aggressive world we live in today. I discovered my love for Charcoal in 2004 and I haven't stopped loving charcoal since. Something about the messiness of the media that attracts me to it. I draw mainly non-whimiscal, non-fantasy art. I find others do far better than I can but I'm learning to love this genre as well. Boris Vallejo and his daughter Julie Bell are major favorites of mine. Try as I might, I will never become the master of my art as they have. Note::I kept my hobbies to a minimum as to not create a headache on your part. Enjoy!!