Harriett Randall

Ever since I was a child, I've lived in a world of fantasy such as: "The Three Little Pigs", "Snow White", and "Cinderella". While I still love these short stories, gone from me are the desires for innocence, happy endings, and the life lessons these stories taught. My short fantasy stories are introductions to the role-playing charecters in the world of Bethica.  The characters are dark; the stories poetic, tragic... with no desire to withhold the reality of uncertainties life is sure to bring. I like I love Shakespeare for his genius with tragedy. I love all kinds of music, so there is no musical category where I'd fit only. Most of all, I love the world of fantasy, where you can change life's ending or beginning at will. If we all could do that, it wouldn't necessarily be a better world, but surely a more interesting one. Favourite movies Thanks to my sons, my favorite Scifi movie would have to be "Star Wars." But my most favorite is any movie with a big monster; I could watch T-Rex make a cameo in any scene. Imagine the ending to "Romeo and Juliet" with T-Rex holding both in its mouth. And my favorite TV show is "Star Trek." Favourite books I'm still in love with the fantasy books I read as a child; my favorite will always be, " The Wizard of Oz." Favourite music Christian, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Classical, and Country are my favorite sounds.


A Serpent's Lullaby

Never be caught dreaming when a demon sings.

The Glass Cat Eye

Madame Reece boasts of contacting the dearly departed; but they are neither dearly nor departed.  Bloody Mary...anyone?

To The Goddesses

 Fall of the Goddesses of Bethica  

Three Moons

Three tales of an ancient moon and its mischiefs.


A Sestina is defined as the most elaborate of the medieval French fixed forms. It's a most challenging poem.  And I've used it to celebrate the small town legends of  the spooky house at the end of the block.  And kids like to use them to prove their bravery on Halloweed.  lol

Last Hope Tavern

Excerpt from the role-playing world of Bethica.A lone traveler on a quest to find out what happened to a group of men finally gets answers from  a strange and beautiful woman.


Introduction into/excerpt from the role-playing world of BethicaThe love story between an Orcan king and his dragon bride turns tragic when his paranoia splits the family and leads to murder.

Return From The Forbidden Island

Excerpt from the role-playing world of BethicaRashius, (ray-she-us) a great warrior, has returned with his men after winning a great battle against a dangerous enemy. But what awaits him on shore proves his enemy is far from conquered.