Cheryl Scott

Author of the "Racing History" series and the human behind SubVersive Productions.  Find me on the Amazon Kindle Store! I like sci-fi, fantasy, horror (in that order); also the classics, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns... Favourite movies Movies: Dark City, Serenity, Star Wars 4-6, Lord of the Rings, Blade Runner, Avatar, Children of Men, Gattaca, Pan's Labyrinth, A Scanner Darkly... TV: Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Cowboy Bebop, Terminator, Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse, Witchblade (live-action), Moonlight, Being Human, Jeckylll, Torchwood, Stargate Universe, Earth 2, Supernatural... Favourite books just too many to list right now... maybe later Favourite music Steve Vai, Muse, Audioslave... (under construction)

Gaia (a poem)

The Gaia hypothesis isn't only a magical/theological thing -- there's actually science involved as well!

Golden Cosmic Creature (a poem)

Title is a phrase from a fellow creative writing student's vampire story -- I took it in a totally different direction.

Death Warmed Over (a poem)

This guy's usually just part of the background in our fantasy stories.  He deserves at least a poem...

The End? (a poem)

Written during the Cold War -- a question that as yet has no answer.


This came about that same weekend as "Monsters R People 2" and is a radically different story.  Marian Zimmer Bradley rejected it outta' hand 'cuz it's told in present tense.  I kinda' figured the subject matter warranted that choice: the main character being a foot messenger by trade, she lives in the moment.  But anyway...  There are glimpses here of what became my style...  and plenty of influence from my literature studies at the time...

Monsters R People 2

One weekend in my second year of college (1991), I had an unexpected whirlwind of creativity that blew 4 or 5 short stories out of my head fully formed.  This is one of them.  Yes, it's goofy and silly.  No, I'm not really sure what it means, if anything.  I think it's just fun.  


A real blast from the past:  This is the first story I ever tried to sell.  I must have been 19 when I wrote it.  Sent it to "Omni," my favorite magazine at the time.  They almost bought it.    Story of my life.  Anyway, I figured why not share it here?  Please keep in mind that I wrote this like a quarter-century ago.   At this point, we might even call it alternative history!NOTE:  There's a missing line in here.  Guess that's what happens when a file is converted to a dozen different formats over twice as many years...  I'm happy to entertain any suggestions for how to fill that blank!  ;-)


Round about the Millennium turn-over, I had several ideas that were timely then -- mostly twists on the whole apocalypse theme.  Here's one.  (There's also a play called "Armageddon Days Are Here Again" that may yet be finished one day.)  This began as a movie idea that I fleshed out into a short story and never got around to adapting as a screenplay.  It should appeal to my fellow fans of "Supernatural."  ;-)

Interplanetary Homesick Blues

This began life as a stand-alone short story, but to be honest, I've never considered myself much of a short-story writer.  So under the assumption that it would otherwise never see the light of day, I adapted it into a scene in Episode 7 of Racing History, my science fiction novel series (available on the Amazon Kindle Store).  Thought I'd share the original version here.  It was written in the early 1990s -- and intended as sort of an homage to those great problem-solving stories of sci-fi's Golden Age -- as well as the "story-within-a-story" traveler's tales of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Yes, I wrote it in college.

A Private War

I'm sharing some really old things here.  This one is based on a real event, fictionalized of course.  Wrote it back in the 90s.  I was still looking for my own style.