Amy Maloni

Elen síla lúmenn omentilmo! I am Amy aka Mi-Mi. ^_^ Yay to me for my glorious Fanquarter-ness!!! Go me! I like: Anime (Trigun, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Ruroni Kenshin, Perfect Blue, Akira, Ghost in the Shell...) Music (Techno, Punk, Rock, Alternative, and Classical) Cheesecake Tolkien (not obsessed...I swear!) Harry Potter (And Draco, and Severus! ^_^ And Remmy, and Black, and...) Bishonen (=^_^=) Black, red, silver, blue, purple, and green Ginger (the last of the Mi-Mi guinea pigs...) Reading Writing Drawing Enough for ya? No? Who am I? I am Mi-Mi! Why do I (draw) or write? Ermm...because I like to... What inspires me? Erm... Anime, music, world creation, Amala... What are my goals? To convert Rose to rock? Nope, done that one day clean my room

Spell of Growth

Another poem/spell


Another vampire poem, told from the shadows...

One, No More

A poem about a vampire.

As the Sun Rises


First person POV poem about a vamoire confronting her human lover about his descison to kill her. (with a gun, how...human)