Amanda Magdalena Racz

Let me explain....  I have a giant tattoo on my back.  It's great big empire butterfly wings, tattered and torn.  Just a bit at the edges, still strong enough to fly, but it's clear they have done a lot of flying.  A symbol of not just transformation, but of metamorphosis.  Eternally emblazened on the blades of my shoulders, I am marked and cursed, to be forever in transition, forever changing.  Beautiful and suffering.  Beauty is achieved through pain.  I am born to suffer.  But suffering brings life.  And life is empty without beauty.  So there it is, my viscous circle.  UPDATE:  My brother was brutally murdered in October.  He was only 21 and he was the light of my life.  I hope anyone who reads this will keep my family in the prayers and to the pagans, your rituals.  Please grant us peace and grace to face this enormous tragedy..  His name was Seneca after the philosopher  Read his quotes sometime.  I may not be posting anything for a while because of my loss but I appreciate all of your support through this.  I got a new tattoo and you can see it on my bio pic on my wrist.  It says veritas aequitas (upside down and right side up)  It means truth and justice in Latin.  I imagine he would have gotten this tattoo if his life hadn't been burnt out so horribly.  My thoughts are always with him.  I love you Seneca!  So many people love you.  You are and have always been love and light.  His last words to me were, "I love you, siter."  I hear those words everytime I think of him and I see his ever smiling face. Hey Guys!  I posted that about my little bro in 2008.  It really devestated me and changed me a lot.  My last real update to this site was a while ago.  Like 4 years and the last artwork was almost 12 years ago.  I have been with Elfwood longer than I have been married. (All three marriages combined, even.) So, about me?  I am married for the third and last time to a great man.  My other half.  We have a little girl who is two now.  Her name is Eres.  The babies in my artwork are Calum and Liam and they are now 12 and 9!  Life goes by too fast!  So love every minute.  Don't miss a thing.  It's better to regret the things you Have done, than the things you never tried!  AND THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who has come by and visited me over the years.  Especially to all of you who have my work printed out on your walls, on your computer desktops, or to you AMAZING few who got my artwork tattooed on you!  WOW!  That's the best compliment ever.  Send me pics!