Amanda Magalhães

I like - Michal Zebrowski :) - The beautiful Scotland - Fantasy art (surprise!) and fiction - Music (singing, harp, bagpipes, piano, harpsichord) - Computer and video games - Fencing, swordfighting - Medieval 'stuff' (let me sum it up that way before I bore you tearless!) - Apparently, I'm okay at archery. Or was, the last (and only) time I tried it. :) Favourite movies Wiedzmin (The Witcher), movie and series; Highlander, movie and series; Braveheart; Battlestar Galactica. Favourite books The Dragonlance Trilogy; The Wheel of Time; any D&D novels; and The Lord of the Rings, duh. Favourite music Metal (Progressive, Gothic, Death), Progressive Rock, Celtic and Medieval music, some classical and opera, plus Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush and Tori Amos.