Jerrika Waller

Heya all, I don't really have much to say here, I suppose. I live in an annoying city I can't wait to get out of, and am excited about living on my own in a few years. I figure once I'm on my own, I can pretty much make my life as fantasy as I can manage, because that pesky real world is NEVER gonna go away, it seems. I tend to draw fantasy mainly because you can have a little more fun with it than just drawing regular people. I've kind of developed a weird cartoon style loosely inspired by anime. I like it, it's unique and I can recognize it as mine, which I think is neat as far as feeling like I have a sort of "signature style". Anywho, I'm gonna stop rambling to you poor souls that took it upon yourselves to read this, because I'm really not super interesting on paper... computer... webpage things. Farewell!