Kiana Rootes

I am a major redwall fan I have to say. But at school I seemedt to always be some sort of outsider. I like to write because I just let go of all off my problems and try and work out someone else's. Alot of my insparation comes from the world around me, Family, Movies, Games, and experiences i've had, but of course experiences all need twists to be more fantastic. My main story is about a Dragon, her companions, and one major War of the World! Oooo I feel all tingley. Anyhow If I don't get to be a vet when I grow up I most definatly plan on being a writer. I find I can't draw to well so now a goal to replace the atist is to paint pictures with words. *tingles* I find when I write things will just come to me weather it be a little side quest for my heroine or somthing to add to help her succseed in the main quest. I may even want to write two or more books! Hope you enjoy them all! It isn't writters block any more.

Intro: Heroes of Sharadon

The intro to my first story ever. Enjoy!

The Ledgend of Despair CH 1

An Idea I had after playing my Dogz5 game for a while. I hope you like it! Critics welcome!

Chapter 1 Heroes of Sharadon

My first Chapter Enjoy! I'll try to have a new chapter in every week but do forgive me if I'm late.