Amber Merrill

I essentially am the embodiment of practically all the sects of freakiness one could find at a comic book convention.An old trekkie mixed with D&D, comic book fanatic, scifi and fantasy lover (both written and filmed) and last but not least, otaku of sorts. I go to an art school at present and my favourite mediums tend to run towards charcoals, sepia pencil and regular pencil shading (anything where i dont have to layer thank god) Unfortunatly my skills with photoshop coloring are rather lacking, but it is something I'm working on.I happen to be a great fan of The Rhapsody Trilogy (or Symphony of the Ages) by Elizabeth Haydon and most if any of the fan art I have is probably directed towards her works. (I'm also an avid fan of Lois Mcmaster Bujold's books as well and highly suggest both) on some final notes, my current favourite anime is.Hack//sign, manga: blade of the immortal and naruto music:j-rock and darkmoor.