Amber Lindquist

I am 30 years old and currently reside in Mesa, Arizona. I'm an accounts receivable specialist for a skilled nursing facility.  I work extremely hard and rarely have time for any of my hobbies anymore, such as writing, music and art. Though...From time to time I get a rare opportunity to just go for it. Life is always hectic, but still worth enjoying. Yeah, I'm still pretty sweet, though lately I hear I've become a bit to naughty for some to handle. Innocent....YES, I like to think I am still innocent...just experienced in life. Please don't judge me harshly because I still think this way, delusion runs in the family. Please leave a comment. I really appreciate them. Thank you! I like music, belly dancing, tribal fusion, singing, sketching, graphic art, photography, baking, cosmetology, fashion, reading, writing, jewelry making, making hair accessories, being crafty, creating.