Amber McGovern

This Site is Dedicated In Fond and loving Memory of: Desmond McGovern who took his life from us in January of 2003 and My GaGa Beard (Grandfather) Who passed Away in April of 2003. I miss you Both and hope that wherever you are, you are happy and know that we miss you and love you. Well Now, Artwork. I Enjoy drawing in a variety of styles and do enjoy dabbling in animation as well as mixed media and 3-D Works. I prefer working With Color Erase Pencils and black ink but also find that WaterColors can be a fun (if not slightly messy) way of doing artwork. I also tamper with Guache and acryllics but not as often as I like. I would Appreciate that those who visit my little nook in the woods go check out the sites of the elfwood artists that respond to my artwork. There are some highly Talented People out there such as: Lauren A. Banks Leona Preston Casey Dean Standridge And much much more. Garuntee'd youw ill not be disapointed. So Dive on in and enjoy the works folks, dont forget to leave your comments and critique. I COMMAND THEE TO CHECK OUT all animators dream of one day making their own movie, Help Audrey make her dream a reality!!