Amber Ross

Wow it has been so long. I finally figured out how to log back in. It may take me some time but I will be updateing this sight as it has needed it for quite awhile now.For anyone who is interested my son is doing wonderfully he is four years old and a holy terror whenever he can be but very very healthy and I have been blessed with yet another little miracle named emily she is 7 months old and keeps me on my toes.I know a few annonymouse people have written comments about my reference use. I admit freely that I am reference hoar but in the end where as I gain inspiration from all over I do my very best to make each painting my own and I will do better at crediting references from now on :)but now I am off to upload lots and lots of pictures.I have a page on deviant art If you want to see more of my newer stuff you should go there as I most likely will not be updateing this sight further. I like If its pretty I like it. Favourite movies I dig the new battlestar galactica, and bones though I dont think thats really all that sci fi. Favourite books Anything by Laurel K. hamilton or Terry pratchet Favourite music SO very many but I love the blues