Katy Sphinx

Alright. Take a seat and grab some snacks! I'm your typical 15 year old Californian girl. Actually, I should probably say 'stereotypical.' I do say 'like' almost every other word, dude, chick, whatever, awesome, totally, and any other words you can think of. I spend almost all my time at the beach, which is walking distance, and I go to a high school exactly like the ones you see on the movies (I know, I didn't think they existed either until I moved here). I don't consider myself superficial or shallow however- I don't think the world revolves around me. I work at an amusement park and love to play soccer, waterpolo, and polevaulting (air, sea, and land:wooohoooo!). I spend a lot of time doing art though, and even though I'm not that great, I'm steadily improving, so that's a good sign.