USS Malak

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Nathanael Eisner

History: In 1912, a revolutionary ship was made. It sunk on April 14th of that year, creating a revolution in ship construction. Over time, the look of ships changed. Then in 2012, in honor of the 100th Memoriam of the famous ocean liner, a private shipbuilder began proposing a liner of similar design.For years he was ignored. Until a retired Admiral in the US Navy took a look at the man’s blueprints. He recommended his ship-plans to the Navel Headquarters. They liked his ideas and built off of them to make the new liner into a warship. In 2018, construction of the vessel began.It was outfitted with the very latest of weaponry and technology. When it was finished in 2021, it had more firepower than anything of the time. It could even operate beneath the waves. Thus the Titanic Submersible Gunship was born.Details: The Malak’s above water weapons are as follows (bow to stern):A single, 360°, twin barrel, Medium Plasma Cannon,Two, 360°, twin barrel, Large Plasma Cannons,Two, ball hinge, quadruple barrel, Large Plasma Cannons,Two, 360°, twin barrel, Medium Plasma Cannons,Three, 360°, single barrel, Small Plasma Cannons,Two, 360°, twin barrel, Large Plasma Cannons,Two, 360°, twin barrel, Medium Plasma CannonsBeneath the waves are two forward Torpedo Lasers,One forward defensive Laser,Four starboard defensive Lasers,Four port defensive Lasers,One aft Torpedo Laser,Two aft defensive LasersEach of the funnels have Missile Launchers,The ship is equipped with water-to-air Missiles,The front funnel also has drilling and sealing capabilities for boarding the enemy from below,Sonar, Radar and GPS are also all included.Source: I had a dream where I bought an eight foot scale model of this ship! It was even more amazing than my ability to show here! Plus, the model came with a detailed historical record and blueprints of this ship! On top of which, it also included a full work up of the original Titanic! It was a sci-fi/Titanic fan dream come true! The only thing is, it was a dream.

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