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Dragon's Seventh is now mainly being read by Joelle and still morphing a fair bit thanks to her input. LAST UPDATE 01/25/06 two more chapter of Dragon's Seventh  and my Celtic project on Ash for Jenna's Celtic challange.  I guess I'll look to see if interest in DS is dwindling or not to determine how much more of that I post on this shelf.- huge hint to you, yes I do mean you, to comment. UPDATE "Ynticare" a story for Joelle 11/15/05 - Thanks Joelle for the editing of the first ten chapters of Dragon's Seventh. As I was writing this story to thank Joelle for her editing and commenting I had to enlist another's help on my grammar, or lack there of. Thank you Becca for editing and providing input on the story for Joelle. I have so few comments I horde everyone I get. So if you would like your words to be treasured then leave a comment.*Shameless attempt to get all of the people reading these things to write anything they like after they read it*   Some Links: Stephan Calloway One of the first authors that I read in the woods and he was one of the first to comment too. The Eve of Forever is a great tale. Marijke Mahieu If you need an uplift and a good laugh read VA club. Two great WIP are also well worth reading.   Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith I think here is someone I need say nothing about and probably don't even need to provide a link, but anyway if you want a fantastic story and are willing to read it at about two chapters per year then Circle of Fire and Ice is for you - I am hoping if I can get others hooked on the story adequate pressure could be brought to bear to get them chapters to come up a little quicker. M. Pantha Cleaton I am eagerly waiting the next installment of Wings to Fly. Alyssa George She has promised something along the lines of Prachett and I am already hooked and eagerly awaiting. Wonderful chars that you can hold and cherish, or fight, if that's your preference. Just make sure if you plan to duel Schiri that you do it at the end of Soul Fire Seeking - It would be wise to have your estate in order too. D Joelle Duran Paints vistas with words that are breathtaking. Enjoy a trip but leave chaos mages at the door. I've linked to her art page as this links to her LJ and Fiction press. Her Wyvern's page was slautered most fouly. At least she will still has her art page though. *cheers* Jenna Morgan Shadow Hunter is riveting with a nice portion of intrigue.  Holly Becker Waking Dreams and Personalities are wonderful reading without being too psychotic. Hope you realize how long this took to type! Becca *Silver Dragon* Lusher Just so long as you know I've claimed Xajia but there are other chars in Dances that are fun too. Wonderful reading just don't let the Silver Dragon out. Richard Burns An author that I am really enjoying reading. Of course feel free to give him grief over bowing out of coming with up new words for technical jargon by saying that he is translating it into the most suitable English word. *Yells Cop out! whilst grinning quite maddly* Now onto Artists Breanne Bloomquist This picture inspired me to write the poem 'Tis Time To Dance The picture still haunts me today. Meike de NoovThis picture of a fairy capturing the sorrow of dew drops with a wonderful poem to go with it is wonderful. I find myself so sure I can touch the branch leaves. Favourite music Kelly Clarkson, Katie Herzig, Adele, Passenger, Foo Fighters, The Verve Pipe, Sara Bareilles

The Twisted Key

This is a story on Ash or Nion for Jenna Morgan's Celtic Challange - The following part of this description was written by Jenna Morgan and posted with her permision. Come, traveller, step softly on the road. The green hills rise around you, grey in the gathering twilight. Can you hear the music in the mist, the fiddles and the flute? Tarry not on the highway. Turn your eyes away from those pale dancers by the water's edge, with their green silk ribbons. For if they catch you in their coils, 'twill be a year and day before you come home again. And only then if you pay their price... ...for your freedom, a tale....

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 10 - 11

Chapter 10 - The French twins begin to question whether their sister is completely on their side, and deceit may just catch them where other attempts had failed.Chapter 11 - More Des, more book, more dragon.

'Tis time to dance (A poem)

This is a poem that was inspired by a picture of a mermaid within an Autumn leaf found in the Elfwood gallery of Breanne Bloomquist entitiled Water Fall

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 04 - 06

Enter Elise stage center left - but don't worry we still have Des for the last two chapters. These three chapters owe Joelle a debt of gratitude for proof reading - my grammar is abysmal and commenting on possible chapter arangement changes. Thank you Joelle!

The Ynticare

I asked Joelle what she would like for her story and she asked for hints. Now it is possible that she was asking me to give her ideas on what I would be willing to write. However, I took her literally and forced myself to think of hints. This story is about Ynts and specifically the Ynticare that nutures the suggestions before they go out and nudge people into thinking thoughts that influence political decisions. Joelle if you dislike and want something else, just ask for it directly. I am rather litteral at times.

The Restaurant Critic

A quick short story

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 07 - 09

More of Elise and Des and a Dragon... Once more Thanks for commenting provided by Joelle

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 01 - 03

A story that hi-jacked me and thanks to LJ might not have too many blatent grammar wows - Thanks to Alyssa, Becca and most of all to Joelle for grammar and critique