Amber Falkenstein

This is the second time i've had to write this.. i guess the recent crash had something to do with my last attempt.. anywho to all visiting my gallery here.. this is no longer my main gallery. If you like the things you'v seen here then i highly suggest visiting my newer one at deviantart. to go there type this in your browser.. vkahri . deviantart . com and LEAVE OUT the spaces. just a little news on what i've been up to.. last fall i went back to college for equestrian studies.. i couldn't afford to keep going though i was fairly happy with the major. I'd like to return to college and actually finish even if it's only an Associates degree and not a 4 year or more type of program. currently i am still working at target, but i have found a possible second job which i start on monday.. i'l go through a 5 to 8 week training program and if i can get through that then that means i can manage the work.. if i can manage the work, then i will likely be making some nice pay. and if THAT happens.. rest assured i'l be definately returning to college because my debts will no longer be holding me back, and to top it off i'l be able to drop target all together.. this second job means i will be working nights and days.. >.> the only reason i will be keeping target if the newer job works out is personal.. my fiance worked two jobs while i was in college, every dime extra he made and did not need to spend on bills he sent to me to help me with my rent.. this of course has caused some friction lately which i wont get into but i feel i owe it to him, to prove to him that i would work two jobs for him as well.. in this case it is to get my debts paid off as quickly as possible so we can finally afford our own place! well.. wish me luck. also.. i may eventually start taking commissions.. if that happens the info will be posted on my deviant gallery. until next time.. if there is a next time.. toodles.