Var hoggad (Be Hogged)! I was told that we in Sweden speak english the best in Europe. I can´t figure out how we can be better than they from the UK, but, if they say so... I love painting, and have done so for very long. The best thing is to do the very first sketch of a pic. It´s always perfect, you can´t complain about anything. And if someone do, I can aswer: 'But it´s just a sketch. It´ll get better.' Mwehehe, that´s not true :p The details will show the weaknesses of the pic so much better. But if you still, at some plan, like my work, you can always drop a comment somewhere (read: I force you to write an essey about the perfect perfectness of my perfect plan... sorry, art... Well... uhm...). I really appreciate comments, but I'm slow at replying (but I usually do, sooner or later).  Apart from drawing, I also love reading and animals. Dogs, horses and guinea pigs have a special place in my heart. The lovely horse on the photo is Lady Bonell who I had the pleasure of riding on a riding camp in 2003 (If some Swede wants to go to a riding camp, i highly recommend  Yey... If someone wants to know... I'm 18 years old, living in Uppsala, Sweden.