Amy Dobson

i'm female, i'm twenty, i'm no great talent... but.. i love to create. I am in poor health and find solace in art. i love to meet new people and hear new ideas! I hate writing in first person, but here i am. my friends and online aquaintences know me as kazamidori, the changable windy weathervane. ...please feel free to email me in japanese or english if you like! Mostly i'll put CG work on here because i'm limited in real media, but ive been using cg for around 14 months or so so i'm limited in that as well! *L* My cg style definately gets on some people's nerves, but i have some 3d to throw in the mix as well! I use the mouse and paintshop pro 5 & 7 to create my works. Right now i don't have much new art, but, i'm going to get to work on something new! Guess that's it... that's me.