I like to draw and for anyone passing through this is old artwork from around 2001 or so. I'm probibly going to delete this gallery and the other ones i have for several reasons shown on my fan art page.Artist and writers i like: Jennifer 'Scylla' Koch Read her stories too!wonderfull artist and writer! *sniff* alas she has deleted her galley.. Amy 'Phoenix' Clarkartist and writer Katherine (Katie) Stockton Erin J. Kluk' Split Persona-The Ones and OnliesThis one is a mediaminer story link and yes this story is grafic do not read if you don't like yaoi!:P LoTR fanfic LoTR site really nice!My name is amnestia there. ronan warriors yaoi fan fic site a yaoi fan fic site no ronan fics Blatah comic owner and writer of above comic Sarah K Nichol Jennifer (*Lily*) A. Menzi Sarah 'Dreamie' Walker